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We are committed to ensuring our work will provide our individuals with the best quality of life.

As our CARE approach asserts, outcome-driven practice is essential to improving the lives of those we work with in meaningful and permanent ways. The ncgCARE Institute’s Quality Assurance Division is dedicated to both the pursuit of outcome and satisfaction data, and its analysis for the purpose of communication and training.



Not all programs are the same. Each may serve a different client type, utilize different interventions, and pursue different goals and achievements. ncgCARE focuses on program-specific outcomes that are germane to all clients as well as client-specific outcomes germane to each program. Program outcomes are available to all interested parties and used for ongoing training purposes at ncgCARE.



Satisfaction with our services is as important as clinical outcomes, if not more so. Objective outcomes don't mean a lot if our clients, or their agencies, are dissatisfied with the results. Satisfaction (perceived outcomes) not only speaks volumes about whether we are doing our work effectively; it also reinforces the service relationship and further establishes commitment and buy-in from those we serve.

Client Satisfaction

Each of our clients and/or their families are surveyed about their experience and satisfaction with our services at the end of treatment. These surveys are analyzed so that we may improve our services for both those clients as well as others in the future.

Professional Satisfaction

We also pay special attention to those professionals who refer us clients. We want you to know that you made the right choice with ncgCARE and, through our collaborative relationship, we strive to serve your needs as well. Referring professionals are sent satisfaction surveys after intake and discharge.

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