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Senate Proclamation

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

National Counseling Group began their 25 Year Anniversary Celebration with a Proclamation

Through the remarks of Senator David W. Marsden and Lieutenant Governor Justin E. Fairfax, NCG was commended on its twenty-five years of service to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

National Counseling Group employees attended the Virginia’s General Assembly Senate meeting on February 8, 2018 to give an audience to the proclamation made by David W. Marsden (D. Fairfax) celebrating NCG’s twenty-fifth anniversary of service. Marsden informed his fellow senators of NCG’s accomplishments including currently serving 18,000 individuals annually, employing over 1,200 Virginians and creating offices in over twenty-five locations across the Commonwealth.

Senator Marsden also highlighted NCG’s diverse workplace by stating, “They employee a diverse and highly educated staff which is 70% female and 60% minority.

Mr. President, [NCG] is the best of Virginia. Providing efficient and effective mental health services with a business model that is meeting the needs of 21st century Virginia,” Marsden professed Thursday.

Fairfax added, “Thank you to everyone from National Counseling Group. You do such important and critical work in making the lives of so many people better throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. I know it is a labor of love, passion and dedication, so we are grateful to each one of you.

“What a momentous occasion for everyone at National Counseling Group,” said President and CEO, Francis A. Viera, Jr. “I am very proud of the work we do and the lives that we change. That is why we do what we do each day, to improve lives. This recognition was a great way to kick off our 25th anniversary celebration.”

NCG could not be more proud of our employees! Their hard work, dedication, and professionalism is outstanding and deserves this recognition. All of the work we do each day to improve lives makes an impact.

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