About Us



We believe in improving lives through our CARE Approach. 


This includes the CARE of our partners, employees, and of course, the individuals we serve. Through administrative supports, management, and industry-leading training, our partners are able to provide the best services to those in our communities who need it most. ncgCARE is dedicated to ensuring longevity and success for our partners on their journey to provide the best CARE. 


To Improve Lives.

  • Individuals we serve

  • Communities we serve

  • Our co-workers


To be the best behavioral healthcare provider in the communities we serve.

  • Providing exceptional service

  • Achieving outstanding results

  • Being the employer of choice


  • Self Care

         We ALL need to promote the well-being and resilience of each other and those we serve.

  • Joy

        Laugh. Be grateful, positive, and hospitable.

  • Diversity

         Open yourself up to endless possibilities with an inclusive, affirming approach.

  • Continuous Improvement

         Seek personal and professional growth. Innovation is a pathway to improvement.

  • Integrity

         Always do the right thing, even when that is not the easy thing.

Our History


ncgCARE is the parent organization for a network of seven behavioral healthcare providers. In 1993, Northern Virginia Counseling Group was a small but dedicated group of therapists who wanted to make a big impact on the lives of people with mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral issues.


More than 25 years later, we've expanded our network across the East Coast and provide services to communities in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Georgia. Our

partners offer a variety of healthcare services including behavioral healthcare, outpatient therapy, intellectual and developmental disability care, foster care, addiction recovery, and more.


ncgCARE continues to advance behavioral health through a commitment to dedicated service, outstanding outcomes, and innovative programming.

Career Opportunities

ncgCARE offers a variety of careers for anyone interested in the human services field.


Our many opportunities include home and community counselors, outpatient therapists, management, and administrative supports. 

Come join one of the most respected behavioral health providers as we continue to serve those in need.

We currently have offices in more than 60 locations in four states.


Discovery the life-long career you deserve.

Be part of a team approach

Our CARE philosophy honors a team approach to serving others. Not only are there numerous people and supports in our daily lives, but our experiences within this diverse framework can either strengthen or weaken our well-being.

In the end, we must all work together to ensure that we achieve our respective missions of service.