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Good Training Is Easy to Find!


In order to care for our clients in the best possible manner, we must always be looking to improve ourselves and stay current in an ever-changing field. Training, however, can be infrequent, expensive, and all too often unimpressive. For this reason, The ncgCARE Institute has created the professional development series as a way to ensure that communities, agencies, and all human service professionals have access to excellent training and development opportunities.



Keynote Program

The Keynote program offers speakers from ncgCARE's speaker bureau to provide flexible trainings on a variety of relevant topics. These trainings may be condensed to a single hour or consist of a full day. The Keynote program is available free of charge and conducted in the comfort of your agency or conference venue.


Lunch and Learn Program

Need training but don’t have a lot of time? Let ncgCARE speakers come to your agency for an hour-long training over lunch. Better yet, we’ll bring the lunch!

Continuing Education (CEU) Program

In collaboration with the Virginia chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-VA), ncgCARE is proud to offer occasional training sessions with the benefit of CEUs provided by NASW. The CEU program is provided for a fee, of which 100% goes to support the NASW-VA.


Trainings Offered

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